An Android Kiosk

Kiosk Browser¬†SE is an application for Android that can turn your Android tablet or phone into a kiosk. Built with Google’s proven Android operating system and development tools.

As A Home Screen

Kiosk Browser SE can replace the Home Screen on your tablets so any attempt by the user to break out to the Android desktop is thwarted.

Caught In The Act

Capture images of kiosk users and the screen for fraud prevention and have them uploaded to your server automatically. You can optionally activate the face detection too so only images with faces are saved.

Remote Config

Load updated configurations at boot from a remote server or trigger a remote download when there’s no one using your kiosk.

Kiosk Control

Use the Javascript command set to control your kiosk, send messages to the user or even launch installed applications.


Kiosk Browser SE will allow you to lock your Android tablet to a specific web site or group of sites preventing end users from escaping to the underlying operating system. You can develop your user interface using HTML, Javascript and CSS – You can even use WebKit based CSS transformations and animations.

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Kiosk Browser SE includes some extra, much more advanced features than are available in the free version. The extended feature set includes:

Kiosk Browser Icon


Home Screen



You can make Kiosk Browser SE the device home screen so that when pressing the home screen, or back button the user ends up in Kiosk Browser and not the ‘desktop’. When the device is booted Kiosk Browser SE will automatically start.

orientation lock icon


Orientation Lock


Kiosk Browser SE can lock the screen in landscape or portrait mode. No amount of rotating the device will make it change.

Wake lock icon


Wake Lock


If you don’t want your kiosk to sleep you can force it to stay awake.

Options are,

off: The device will sleep as normal. This may result in loss of network connectivity and the lock screen may appear.

dim: Wake lock that ensures that the screen is on (but may be dimmed); the keyboard backlight will be allowed to go off.

full: Wake lock that ensures that the screen and keyboard are on at full brightness.*

*be aware of screen burn in and panel lifetime.

Idle timeout icon


Idle Timeout


If there’s no input from the user you can jump back to the start url after a number of minutes you specify.


Capture Images Icon


Capture Images


You can automatically capture images from the front camera and/or the screen when the user interacts with Kiosk Browser SE. You can have either image captured or both. If you have both each image filename is stamped with the same time. You can tag your kiosk files with a specific identity to help keep files unique. Useful if multiple kiosks are uploading to the same space. You can also activate face detection so that only those images that they system thinks have faces in will be saved for upload.

Upload images icon


Upload Images


Captured images can be FTP’d to a server, once complete they are removed from local storage to free up space. The target FTP path can also be specified.

Remote config load icon


Remote Load


Sometimes it may be useful to load a new configuration from a remote server. On boot Kiosk Browser SE will check for a local configuration file and then optionally a remote one. The local configuration file can be automatically deleted once loaded so can be used for initial provisioning. Settings are saved internally so after configuration updates the kiosk can operate without the presence of the configuration file on the remote server. Remote configurations can be reloaded if required based on a timer.

XML Config icon


XML Configuration


Configuration is via XML, you can also configure with the preferences screen which can generate xml for provisioning larger installs. You can whitelist links and sites and specify site wildcards, eg*

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