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Additional features

Posted by ScaredyCat on December 3rd, 2011 at 6:44 pm

Last time I gave a quick run down of some of the features expected in Kiosk Browser SE. This is just a quick update to give you some additional information.

FTP and SFTP can now be used for transfers, SFTP providing encrypted communications. You can still use http to grab configuration updates but for file transfers you need an FTP or SFTP server.

You can download a zip file containing local html files, images and data so that you can serve some or all pages locally. Again, FTP and SFTP are options for file transfers here. The mechanism also compares the date and time on the file stored on the server and the local copy to see if there is any point in updating. You don’t want your kiosk downloading data needlessly.

You can enable facial recognition to cut down on the number of images generated. If this option is selected only images which have one or more faces (or at least suspected faces) in them will be uploaded.

Documentation is coming along and everything should become very clear when you see it.

I’m expecting to release a version this month. We have the Christmas holiday very soon,  but I’d like to get a version out to those that want it quickly.

Feedback as ever is always good. 😀


Update 4th December 2011

Added sleep and wake times. You can now put your display to sleep at night and wake it up automatically in the morning.